Community Wellness

Sundale employs over five hundred people and is one of the largest employers in the East London area. Sundale has a preferential employment policy that supports local job creation.

Sundale sources and collects its milk from 18 dairy farmers in the region. The employees that work on these farms, each support between 5 and 10 people on their income. Sundale can therefore be seen to be adding value to the lives of our local communities.

Local SourcING

We source most of our packaging supplies from local, East London companies. This includes our bottles, labels, bottle caps. milk sachets, boxes and crates.

Skills Development

We strive to upskill local communities by providing much needed jobs and skills development. At Sundale we support ambition by setting up direct interstaff relationships to create mentor/mentee relationships.

Education Funding

We feel strongly about education and through our education trust, we donate a percentage of sales from all our Sundale products to bursaries.


We make use of a state-of-the-art water treatment system to ensure that all our grey water gets recycled.

We have also embarked on a mission to reduce our environmental footprint by investing in an inline bottle blowing machine along with a line of sleek PET bottles. These new bottles reduce our plastic usage by 30%. It also shortens the product distribution journey and in this way lowers our carbon footprint.