Sundale has partnered with global giant Schreiber in a joint venture to manufacture and distribute American cheese slices to the food service and retail markets. The Sundale-Schreiber factory in the East London Industrial Development Zone (ELIDZ) supplies customers into Africa.

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The Sundale CHEFPRO range of food service products has been expertly crafted for chefs. Manufactured using traditional methods and only the finest, freshest ingredients, our CHEFPRO range is endorsed by the South African Chefs Academy (SACA).

Sundale has partnered with DIABETES SOUTH AFRICA (DSA) to bring you the Amasi Afrika brand. Amasi Afrika is a low-fat maas that has a delightfully creamy and traditionally lumpy texture. Amasi Afrika is the perfect supplement for those who need to watch their total sugar intake and is an on the go, energising snack, packed full of vitamins and minerals!