At Sundale, we understand the value of community and the contribution of our farmers, which allows us to deliver the finest quality fresh produce to our customers every day.

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Sundale is a modern organization providing customers with high-quality fresh products. We’re dedicated to expanding our reach beyond the Eastern Cape. Since 1990, we’ve produced milk, maas, and dairy fruit blends. Our customers have become friends who appreciate our commitment to quality and community. Our farmers are the lifeblood of our business, and we keep them close. Sundale’s growth is a result of our commitment to using traditional methods combined with the latest technologies. Our range of products is delicious and made with care. The Sundale difference is in the taste!

When Sundale founders, Neil and Sandi van Rensburg started farming their herd of jersey cows in Kei Road, a small town between East London and Stutterheim, they knew their cows by name. They also knew the value of raising pasture fed cows whose rich, creamy milk was taken to market in the surrounding towns in old metal milk cans every morning.