Dairy Snack

Available Sizes
6 x 75g
Available Flavours
Chocolate & Strawberry

Sundale Dairy Snack, the easiest way to get your daily dose of dairy! Brought to you in two awesome flavours, Strawberry and Cream and Chocolate Chip P.S. By the way the Chocolate Chip flavor contains real chocolate chips inside!! Sundale Dairy Snack is the perfect delicious, nutritious snack on the go dairy snack. Sundale Dairy Snack comes in neatly packed convenient six packs which can easily be torn off as a single serve. These single serves are in turn an excellent solution for school lunches or to kept in the car inside of a cool-box as an emergency snack! PS. If you tear the yoghurt seals off and stick wooden sticks or even teaspoons into the centre’s of the mini-yoghurt containers and you freeze them, you will have a very tasty frozen snack which will be excellent to have as treat on a hot summers day!